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Group / Private Classes offered for all Adults,Teens and Kids.

Practice Class Attire:

Practice uniform - pajama kurt is available at the center.


The Curriculum emphasizes the importance of clear well defined footwork, hand formations body movements and facial expressions. Testing is conducted periodically on both practice and theoretical knowledge. Progress Report Cards made available.  The training system is based on the Gurukul tradition - The role of the Guru as protector and giver of knowledge.   The traditional method of "Guru Shisya parampara" is followed in educating the students in this fine art and to develop a strong bond between teacher and student.  

"Salangai  Pooja"  performed after completion of Intermediate Level. "Arangetram"  performed after completion of Advance Level and qualifies for Diploma in Bharatanatyam. Guidances and Training provided  to pursue Bachelors and Master Degree in Bharathanatyam 

Prathamakalpika /Beginners Level

Visharad/Advance level

Madhyama/Intermediate level

Folk Dance

India has a rich variety of folk dances. Folk dances are performed for every occasion is part of our tradition.  Indian folk dances are full of energy and vitality  has a specific costume and rhythm. Being a  a part of our rich heritage folk dances are taught for special performances.


Student Awards 
Thillai Fine Arts Mission is to Teach, Guide and Anchor the students.  
Ananya Sankar student of Thillai Fine Arts is the recipient of
2018 New Jersey Governor's award for Dance

Yatho Hastas, Thatho Drishtir,

Yatho Drishtis, Thatho Manaha

Yatho Manas, Thatho Bhaavo,

Yatho Bhaavas, Thatho Rasaha


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