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Thillai Fine Arts  is a Non profit organization  committed to promoting ethnic and cultural awareness of South Indian fine arts, specifically the performing art of Bharatanatyam in its authentic traditional form to the community. We take pride in promoting this fine art which has salubrious benefits for mind, body, and ultimately fulfilling the soul.


This organization provides opportunities for all students to perform at various cultural events as well as spiritual venues. The curriculum emphasizes the importance of clear and well-defined footwork, hand formations, body movements and facial expressions. At Thillai Fine Arts, we believe that  theoretical knowledge and history stands behind every aspect of Bharatanayam and will help sustain this amazing art in the years to come.  

Join us to start learning this beautiful Art.  


  • Promote Awareness in the community about Classical forms of Indian dance, music and arts.

  • Preserve the fine dance art of Bharatanatyam in its traditional authentic form. 

  • Provide a conduit for local comunity to Learn, Enrich, Support and Sustain ancient indian fine arts

2018 Asian American Pacific Islander
Heritage Month Celebration 
at NJ Governor's Mansion - Guru Viji Iyer with Governor Philip Murphy

2019 GUINNESS WORLD RECORD title holder for Shivarathiri performance in Thillai Natrajar temple, Chidambaram India.


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 Nattuvangam conducting dance recital

Winner of

2017 TVAsia Madhyam Dance Competition 

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